How to Avoid Pickpockets When Travelling

Cuddle Your Globe


Pickpocketing, mugging, theft. It is common in many countries with Barcelona, China and South East Asia being up there with the highest stats for tourists losing their valuables to these criminal “master minds”. image

It is important when you are travelling (either alone or with others) to be savvy and keep your wits about you at all times to protect your belongings.

ANYONE can be vulnerable or a target for theives. Don’t think that because you are walking in a group or chatting to a friendly person giving you directions that you are not at risk, because potentially anybody is, anywhere, at any time.

I once had a client who was travelling with her husband in Ho Chi Minh City who went out for a lovely meal. When they left the restaurant a passing moped grabbed onto her handbag to steal it. Without thinking, she panicked and held on to it, resulting…

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