7 of the most ridiculous reasons to call in sick when you’re really abroad.

7 of the most ridiculous reasons to call in sick when you’re really abroad.

Cuddle Your Globe

You know somebody who has pulled a long term sickie from work when they have booked a holiday, or failed to return to work when they were supposed to because they are STILL on holiday!!! Or maybe you have done this yourself?

I have decided to do some research, including speaking to office managers to find out some of the worst excuses given when a staff member has gone missing in action.

1. ‘My flight got delayed by 4 days and I had no battery on my phone to call you.’

2. ‘I contracted Malaria whilst in Ghana, Africa so I had to stay in hospital for 2 months. Here is my genuine sick certificate…’

3. ‘I’ve been in a witness protection programme.’

4. ‘My granny has died so I need some time off.’ (The same granny has died 3 times now).

5. ‘I’m addicted to crack cocaine and my…

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Hidden Heaven in the Pacific

Hidden Heaven in the Pacific

The Marshall Islands is the 3rd most unvisited country in the world attracting around just 6,500 visitors a year. It also has a total population of less than 76,000. But why? With its stunning white sandy beaches and the best diving spots in the world?

My theory is that it is just not known about. Where on earth is it?

The Atolls of the Marshall Islands are based approximately halfway between Australia and Hawaii, part of Micronesia… can it get any better?!

Awesome Marshall Island fact – Kwajalein Atoll is the largest coral atoll on the planet and boasts a massive central lagoon.

Quick, go there before the hoards of travellers discover it!

The First Flight

It occurred to me recently that those of us born in the last 30 years have been created in a world of booming technology and opportunity. A scary thought occurred to me, if I was born 150 years earlier, travel simply would not have been an option. 150 years in the grand scheme of things is not much at all, yet so much has changed. What would I have lived for back then? Maybe life would have been simpler.

The first ever commercial scheduled passenger flight was on the 1st January 1914 and operated between St. Petersberg and Tampa, Fla.

In this day and age, with a thousand and one travel blogs and backpackers and tourists in every town, it’s a good idea to sometimes remember how lucky we all are to have the priveledge to experience travel and write about it.


Are You a ‘Research’ or a ‘Freestyle’ Traveller?

Are You a ‘Research’ or a ‘Freestyle’ Traveller?

Cuddle Your Globe

In this world, in any country with any kind of tourist there, you will always find two different types of traveller.

There is the ‘research’ traveller. This is the person who (before they even pick a destination) knows every town, village, tourist attraction and even the terrain before they have booked their ticket. They have an itinerary planned out with such detail for a full packed day, every day of their trip and they cannot come off schedule at all.

Then there is the ‘freestyle’ traveller. This is the person who finds a destination on a map, books a ticket and finds out what it’s like when they get there. They don’t plan a schedule because they go with the flow and may end up moving on when they are out there anyway!

We are allone of the two.Come on, admit it! Which one are you?

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