1. The indescribably loud street noise. Drunken ramblings and shouting appear to occur 24/7, the odd song is broken into or words such as ‘Guinness!’ Randomly yelled out from every direction.

2. Many types of interesting guests – there’s the sweet and excitable American girls, moody solo girl, angry hairy leather guy, no spoken English guy who sits near you and smiles, but says nothing, drunken couple in love and hooking up on the staircase and Irish guys who are on a “why not” booze up.

3. It is apparently acceptable for the neighbours to crank up the electro house music randomly at 4am (walls are made of paper).

4. They have two plug sockets and one toilet for nearly 30 people to share on each floor. Oh, and it is unlikely you will have a locker.

5. Many different varieties of smells during the night. There is very noticeable garlic breath. Much vodka / beer breath and also vomit breath creeps in occasionally. You may be extra lucky and have smelly feet or wet shoes airing out in your room.

6. Everybody is drunk. This also means if you are on the bottom bunk then you stand a pretty good chance of being hurled on by your upstairs neighbour.

7. Literally constant sirens passing by all night… All day.

8. Instead of talking in their sleep, your room mates may be singing in their sleep.

9. People are the best of friends and happy at night. Not a word is spoken, nor eye contact made during breakfast.

10. Taking a shower will probably result in being less clean than before you went in.


Despite of all of these quirky traits, there is something so bewitching about this magical city. The locals have a spring in their step that I don’t see in England. (Probably the copious amounts of alcohol in their bloodstream, but still…) Hotels are overpriced in Dublin so staying in a hostel if you are travelling solo is a total no brainier.

Personally, I stayed at the Abbey Court Hostel by O’connell bridge / temple bar. The location is fab if you want central. It is extremely ‘no frills’ and If you are going for the party scene and a bed to crash on, it’s ideal. There are only two pubs on the road which is bloody noisy, but I understand some of the other hostels are actually louder. Basically, if you want to sleep during your visit to Dublin, either find a hostel that is not central, or pay for a hotel.

The River Liffey, taken from O’Connell street at night

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