This memory will always stay with me.

When I worked in travel, I spent some time tailoring an expensive, detailed holiday for this particular client named Dinah. We created a bond over the days, discussing her holiday in great depth and building rapport via email and telephone, as I did with most of my clients. But this one was different.

When it came to booking the flights she mentioned that she required special assistance. When I asked what her disability was, she told me she was registered totally blind.

I was slightly shocked. I felt awful for feeling this way, but why would she spend thousands on a holiday with a nice view and luxury setting if she couldn’t see it?! So, I decided to ask her. Her response changed the way I see things.

She told me that she could feel, smell and touch everything so much that she could appreciate her surroundings without seeing them. 

This got me thinking. Losing my sight is my greatest fear, but she proved that travel can still be amazing without being able to use her eyes. I admire her.

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