Picture this – a world without people in it. Travelling to other countries without anybody to see or talk to. Sure there would still be art and beautiful beaches. But if there were either no people there, or everybody was the same, travel would simply be dull.

Culture or language would not exist without people. Some of my favourite experiences while travelling have only been brought to life because of the people that surrounded me, even if they were just…. strangers.

I love photographing strangers while I’m travelling. If I see people talking in a photograph, I imagine what they are talking about, or where they are walking to. Watching people celebrate festivals or even funerals in a different way than I have only known in my own, “normal” life, is magnificent.

Here are my favourite photographs of strangers that I have taken during my travels over the world.


I feel that photographing strangers is the best way to reflect on your travels and really discover the culture of the places you visit. You can learn so much from people you don’t know.

20 thoughts on “Strangers and People are the Highlight of Travel

      1. I’m more into the sculpture and buildings. Art speaks wonders. I’m more of the nomad, so I usually seek out isolated places. But children make wonderful subjects for pictures.


  1. I think photos of people show how they live in that space around and among the buildings and other structures. I went to Abu Dhabi about six years ago and knew that, culturally, it wasn’t cool to take photos of people without permission and definitely not the women. So, I have practically no people in my photos. The photos look sterile without any people in them.


  2. I love this post. I also love to take pictures of local people going about their day-to-day when I am away travelling. These pictures are often the ones that bring the biggest smile to my face when I get home again. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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