There are two very distinct different styles of holidaying…

1. Staying in a hotel

This type of holiday gives you a luxurious, disillusional version of life in your destination of choice. It’s not reality, although it can be a very nice experience. Waking up in your four poster bed, having international breakfast served to you and taking a stroll around the man-created beach and the resort nearby. A lot of people prefer to travel in this style, giving you the independence and freedom to do as you please, day-to-day. You don’t even need to prepare food and is usually low-stress and relaxing.

2. Staying as a houseguest with a friend or relative etc.

Knowing people in the right places. That distant relative you have on the other side of the world is the global untapped resource of travel. You get to really live life wherever you travel to, as the locals do. Your homeowner/ host will show you around the best places and secret hotspots, and not the glossy highlights than concierge want you to see. This can also be true of travel operators such as Airbnb and Couch Surfer. Not to mention that this type of travel is normally considerably cheaper than staying in a hotel.

I have done both styles of travel on many occasions and whilst I adore hotel travel and splashing out on the best, nothing can quite beat the memories I have of friends showing me the places right off the tourist trails and knowing I would not have experienced half as much as I did had I have stayed in the Hilton.

18 thoughts on “Hotel Guest vs House Guest

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I have recently started staying at a lot of Airbnbs. Surprisingly, many are just as cheap as hostels. And I love meeting locals!


  2. I agree with this completely! I’ve been using Airbnb for a while but recently started renting a private room instead of an entire apartment. Staying in the home of a local has been so rewarding! Some of my favorite experiences from these trips have been chatting with the hosts about family, travel, language, etc. over breakfast or a drink.


  3. I’m curious your opinion on couchsurfing. I really like the idea, but in reality it hasn’t worked out well for me. I have only stayed with someone once, and he was exceptionally inappropriate, and the other times I’ve tried, I feel like I put in way too much time, and nothing ever comes out of it (the people I feel comfortable with aren’t available, don’t answer, etc.). Some people have said being a female solo traveler makes it more difficult.
    Have you had success with it?


  4. I love animals and hate the clinical impersonality of hotels. That’s why I love travelling as a house sitter. But we are all different aren’t we and have to find the right mode of travel for ourselves. Thanks for liking my post


      1. Yes I travel atound Australia- and soon in France- looking after owners pets and houses while they (the owners, not the pets) go on holiday. Its a great way yo be both local and tourist and have animal companionship as well.

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