7 of the most ridiculous reasons to call in sick when you’re really abroad.

Funny or ridiculous?!

You know somebody who has pulled a long term sickie from work when they have booked a holiday, or failed to return to work when they were supposed to because they are STILL on holiday!!! Or maybe y…

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That Flighty Feeling…

… Nothing compares to that feeling you get when you have booked the flights you have been pondering on for several weeks.

I just did it!

Next month, a week in New York City, followed by a trip to Bali and Singapore!

It’s been too long, international travel…

Ten Destinations for the Solo Female Traveller

Ten Destinations for the Solo Female Traveller

Cuddle Your Globe

I have travelled solo on several occasions. It is different to travelling with companions because you connect more with your surroundings and the culture and really find yourself.

In developed or the western world, being female isn’t an issue. However, in some countries travelling alone as a woman can be a problem. I’ve lost count of the times locals asked me where my husband was when I was travelling alone. This doesn’t overly concern me but there are some destinations I would think twice about venturing to with just my backpack.

I have compiled a list of the top ten destinations recommended for solo female travellers, based on culture, shock factor, variety, personal experience and recommendations. These are also fantastic destinations for chaps too!

1. Seattle

the spire, seattle
In fact all of the west coast of America including San Francisco, LA and Vegas. Seattle is popular with solo travellers…

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The First Flight

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It occurred to me recently that those of us born in the last 30 years have been created in a world of booming technology and opportunity. A scary thought occurred to me, if I was born 150 years earlier, travel simply would not have been an option. 150 years in the grand scheme of things is not much at all, yet so much has changed. What would I have lived for back then? Maybe life would have been simpler.

The first ever commercial scheduled passenger flight was on the 1st January 1914 and operated between St. Petersberg and Tampa, Fla.

In this day and age, with a thousand and one travel blogs and backpackers and tourists in every town, it’s a good idea to sometimes remember how lucky we all are to have the priveledge to experience travel and write about it.

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There is no such thing as travelling ‘alone’..

There is no such thing as travelling ‘alone’..

There is definitely a stigma attached to the word – alone.

There shouldn’t be, and here’s why..

We are all alone.

We are all brought into and out of the world equally. People we meet along the way are companions. There to fill us with company and love, sometimes with upset and pain. But the fact remains the same, we are still, always…. Alone. How you fill your time is up to you.

So why is there a stigma attached with travelling alone? I suppose people might consider it a safety risk… But guess what? You can easily be attacked as a two-some as you could travelling alone. If anything, you could be an easier target for attack in a group because you let your guard down.

People may even think… ‘Don’t you have any friends?? You must be a loner to travel by yourself..’ Well, I’m here to tell you, officially – screw them, and their opinions.

Travel can be equally or more amazing when travelling by yourself. But this is not a unique situation of ‘alone-ness.’ It just means you are travelling without company. And it can be incredible.

How to not be a loser when travelling alone.

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If you are reading this, you are probably either reflecting on your own solo travels, or you may be considering venturing out into the wilderness by yourself and you are not sure how to ‘be’ to be accepted when travelling. You don’t want to be a loser! I have travelled by myself and spent time with a big group of my travel family. I also spent a lot of time as a loser. By this I mean too scared to approach fellow travellers and therefore being isolated. At first, I didn’t know how to bridge the gap to join the boat of other travellers.

There is a healthy amount of time to spend by yourself when travelling, to really appreciate your space and to do some soul searching. But how much time is too much time? If you want to go travelling but are concerned about whether or…

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