There is definitely a stigma attached to the word – alone.

There shouldn’t be, and here’s why..

We are all alone.

We are all brought into and out of the world equally. People we meet along the way are companions. There to fill us with company and love, sometimes with upset and pain. But the fact remains the same, we are still, always…. Alone. How you fill your time is up to you.

So why is there a stigma attached with travelling alone? I suppose people might consider it a safety risk… But guess what? You can easily be attacked as a two-some as you could travelling alone. If anything, you could be an easier target for attack in a group because you let your guard down.

People may even think… ‘Don’t you have any friends?? You must be a loner to travel by yourself..’ Well, I’m here to tell you, officially – screw them, and their opinions.

Travel can be equally or more amazing when travelling by yourself. But this is not a unique situation of ‘alone-ness.’ It just means you are travelling without company. And it can be incredible.


14 thoughts on “There is no such thing as travelling ‘alone’..

  1. Solo travel is definitely my preferred experience but most of the time it is because of the connections I make with others when doing so. Solo travel also allows you to open up to yourself without fear of social repercussions. This allows for a more fulfilling experience.

    It’s always interesting to read how everyone handles traveling solo as it’s a unique emotional journey for all who do it. I wrote a two part blog about my struggle with “loneliness” and I hope you’ll give it a read as well.

    Nice post and keep them coming!

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  2. I like to travel alone too! Well I like to travel with someone as well but I don’t mind being by myself either. What I like best about it being able to make your own timetables and do exactly the things that interest you most without having to worry about your companion 😛

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  3. Alone but never lonely. I totally agree that the title of your entry. At first we may start the travel by ourselves, but eventually we meet people, who become our travel buddies in the end. It has happened to me so many times. 🙂

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    1. Oh it definitely is. I do it too, I find it liberating that what I experience is just for me and nobody in my life knows about it, guess it helps me grow. There’s still many people who don’t agree though..


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