Travel isn’t always beaches, sunsets and floating around in awe. There are amazing perks, for sure! Don’t be fooled, there are very crappy bits too…

Top 6 Best Bits About Travel

1. Experience. By this I mean soaking in new sights, doing something new and challenging outside of your comfort zone; this is the best.

2. Meeting new people. We make friends constantly when we travel, and they are usually like minded people on our wavelength and they are the best!

3. Culture and dining. Seeing how other people get by day-to-day is truly enriching. Eating the food and flavours they create is a wonderful part of travel. Each nation has a signature dish and its great to try new things.

4. Climate. Often where we travel to will have a drastically different climate to home. Be it snow or sunshine, it’s great to experience a landscape with a different season. Skiing down a mountain, or laying on a beach topping up that tan… Bliss!

5. Activities. Travel always pushes us to our limits and a large percentage of people who travel are more likely to take part in something whilst away than they would at home. In turn, this makes us happier and builds self esteem.

6. Escape. By far one of the best bits about travel is escaping our own versions of reality. We imagine what it would be like to live in this land that is by any stretch, miles better than our own boring lives.

Top 6 Worst Bits About Travel

1. Exhaustion. Like it or not, travelling can be tiresome. Even once the hours, if not days of trekking through airports and surviving long haul flights is done, we want to cram our days with so much excitement that sometimes we forget to get enough rest at night and end up feeling like we need a holiday once the trip is over.

2. Creature comforts. Yes it’s great to ‘get away from it all’, but after a while we start to miss the simple things like our own bed, a kitchen to prepare the finer things in life (such as a cup of tea and some toast!) and the sofa. Even people or pets are comforts we miss when away!

3. Mosquitos. Or any ‘foreign creepy crawly’ that we have never seen before and therefore are not certain if it will kill us just by looking directly at us.

4. TD. This is an abbreviation for travellers diarrhoea. Anyone who travels to other continents often will be familiar with this one. It’s often caused by undercooked street food or even tiny particles of faeces in your food. Yum.

5. Jet lag. Especially on an around the world ticket, you are forever trying to get your body climatised and adjusted to your new home. Chances are, by the time you sync up with your zone, it’s time to leave.

6. Language barriers. Let’s face it, our arms get tired from gesturing everything we are trying to say. When we eventually return home we notice we speak in simple language. We may approach a stranger in the street and ask, “You… Have…. Time??”


42 thoughts on “The Top 6 Best and Worst Bits about Travel.

  1. Good points. I would include making friends with the desk clerks at hotels and waitstaff in restaurants. They will tell you places that you may never see in a guide book and restaurants that serve reasonably priced awesome food

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  2. Insightful post! People often only show the glorious side about travel through carefully picked photos, but there’s other side of truth like you pointed out about the worst bits of traveling. 🙂

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  3. Cool post! I recognised loads and agree mostly. But i would include in the top 5 lack of schedules (or possibility to choose them quite freely).
    Language barriers on the other hand haven’t yet bothered me but unexpected problems with eg dodgy accommodation are boring.

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  4. I just came back from my first trip to London and the flights home were exhausting! Plus we had booked excursions and our days were VERY full. Travelling is exhausting.
    And dealing with jet lag totally sucked. But I’m gonna keep traveling! that’s for sure!

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  5. Agree about the exhaustion. These days I try to pace myself better. Very few one nighters, and a “rest” stop now and then. But I have mosquitoes at home… Luckily I rarely get TD, but I have fragile feet and ankles instead.

    Disagree about all women needing three outfits/day! I travel very light, but maybe wearing school uniform growing up stunted my interest in fashion.


    1. Where did you read women need three outfits a day? That’s not my material. On some city breaks most people will need two outfits a day as you are out for the day, wash, then out for the evening.


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