It’s not realistic to expect travel addicts to adore the entire world. Even Christopher Columbus would tell you there were destinations he would sail away from very quickly!

I personally have been to a few destinations that I really didn’t like. But guess what? That’s part of the experience. Would I take it back and not travel to said destinations? No.

Even if you doubt you will like a place, go and see anyway. If you like it, what a great surprise. If you don’t…. c’est la vie!

7 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Travel Somewhere and Hate it

  1. I completely agree with you there. Not every place makes its way into our hearts yet that should not stop us from seeing everything that comes our way. I have noticed that in every place there is always something that appeals to me. Life is lived not in black and white after all.

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    1. Good question. One was Hong Kong, purely because of the lack of culture shock and was disappointed by lack of things to do aside from shopping in Chanel and Gucci. Another was Penang, Malaysia – I didn’t find the locals very warming and similar reasons to Hong Kong.
      This is not to say another person won’t love these destinations and I’ve met many who do. Personally I didn’t.
      Cuddle Your Globe


      1. Wow that’s so interesting. I had a friend that travelled around Hong Kong and liked it, as you said other people feel differently. But your reasons are very interesting!
        It’s lovely to hear you speak about the locals! I find local people the most interesting when I travel! It’s interesting to me how we perceive them, because sometimes what we think of as rude is just how people are in another culture!
        Thanks for replying! 🙂

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      2. I totally agree. For me travel is mostly about the people and culture. Asia is my favourite continent and homes my favourite countries, culture varies dramatically between countries and some places bewitch you, others don’t.
        Cuddle Your Globe

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