Weekly Travel Musing – 2

Q – what do you do if somebody steals your shoes / sandals / thongs if you are in a country where it is common practise to take them off when entering premises?

A – walk barefoot.

Well Done to The Best City in the World 2015!!!

Well Done to The Best City in the World 2015!!!

Cuddle Your Globe

A big congratulations to the worlds best city 2015 after also winning last year, voted by tourists for Travel + Leisure magazine…. Kyoto in Japan. Japan is on most people’s top ten list of places to see during their lifetime, but what is so great about Kyoto that has topped the likes of New York City, Barcelona, Siem Reap, Cape Town and Dubai??

Could it be the wildly colourful gardens scattered all over the place with impossibly beautiful plants?

Could it be the artistic and quirky architecture and buildings this incredible city has to offer?

Or perhaps it could be the abundance of stunning Buddhist temples, shrines and palaces that scatter Kyoto that attract tourists to this vibrant city?

Kyoto once was the Capital city of Japan and the temples and gardens that remain today were once owned by aristocrats and emperors. Some you can actually explore today, although sadly…

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Look Up More…

Look Up More…

I realised recently that most of us look within our line of vision to appreciate the beauty of a town or landscape. It occurred to me that this is cutting out maybe 60% of the actual view on offer and if we ‘look up’ more, there is so much more to be seen. It’s like you are seeing beneath the facade of what that particular location wants you to see and can appreciate the reality of this space.

I have taken some photos of a different perspective of towns and places and I feel that by seeing these, I have really seen the place.

Homes and flats above the shops in the city centre, Hanoi, Vietnam.
A stunningly unusual tree in Kerala, India.
Flats and homes above businesses in central London, England.
Beautiful art work for sale in Ubud, Bali.
The white blob on the top balcony is actually a cat balancing on the edge, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
The detail in the upstairs / terrace of this old house, Malta.
The actual insane beauty of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.
Rooftops and flowers taken in beautiful Bali, Indonesia.