You Always Take the Weather With You.

You Always Take the Weather With You.

Why you should never use travel to escape life’s troubles..

Yes it’s tempting to pack your essentials and clear off to a far away beach because life has become just a little bit too shit.

But, the reality is that whatever you are battling be it depression, anxiety, low self esteem or other medical problems, when your plane leaves the tarmac, it will come with you.

Too many of us try to put our problems in a box and lock it tight because we think we will be OK. But news flash – that box we are putting everything in is actually our mind and believe me if you don’t deal with it, it will stay there haunting you whether you are in your flat in London or a beach bar in Thailand.

I’ve wanted to book a long haul flight to ‘get away from it all’, however ‘it all’ will be the unwelcome luggage that travels with us.

Travel is an extraordinary thing which we are all priveledged to experience, so it shouldn’t be abused. Get help before you leave, talk to people, understand how you are feeling. Otherwise you will end up across the other side of the world, with all the same problems and alone.

It’s called (emotional) baggage for a reason. Unpack it before you travel.


What does it all matter, anyway?

Speaking broadly, we humans (as a race) don’t like change.

‘I don’t fly because it’s scary’

‘I won’t travel by myself because something bad might happen!’

‘I simply cannot quit my job and uphaul my entire life to travel!’

‘I will do it one day.’

Well one day is slipping further away. We avoid change because we are afraid. Afraid that our lives will change to such an extent that we don’t know how to control or manage it anymore. In reality, we are actually stopping ourselves from being happy.

In the grand scheme of things, none of these worries even matter. We all will die one day, very soon. It is our job, solely, to fill up the short and precious time we have on this planet with the most exciting and educational experiences we can. 

It’s time we stop fear from holding us back and start really living.

What is the deal with nudist beaches?!

What is the deal with nudist beaches?!

Now, I like to think I am open minded. I try not to judge people and embrace different cultures and beliefs.

But, what the hell is the deal with nudist beaches?! I’ve tried to understand it but to this day, I don’t get it. Yes, I understand the feeling of liberation and freedom from not being clothed 24/7, but can’t they just walk around their homes naked like the rest of us??

The first time I visited one in Menorca, Spain, I half expected it to be groups of hippies and alternative folk dancing around a ring of fire. In reality it was mostly balding, chubby, old men bathing in the sun with their (less than attractive) manhood flopping all over the sand. I couldn’t help but wonder, is the culture of nudist beaches in fact, just an opportunity for perverted men to flash themselves in a world where it is socially acceptable?!

I did some research. Did you know that there are over 200 nudist beaches in the world? There must be something about it that draws people in as there is clearly a market for it. Perhaps I just haven’t visited the really good ones!!!

The Elusive Traveller

The Elusive Traveller

I’m going to share with you a story from one of my travels.

The first friend I made in any of my solo travels was a girl called Mandy. We clicked instantly. She was beautiful and fun. She was also a great help to get me out of my shell and make friends with other travellers.

We spent a lot of time together over the weeks and I realised she was everything I wanted to be. We all have an ideal ‘blueprint of ourselves’, I wish I was more active or motivated. She would wake early every morning and go running barefoot along the beach and would sit outside her room at night and paint. I really admired her. Mandy didn’t get too drunk, she was confident and goal driven.

She also gave me great advice about current relationship problems I was having as she had been in a similar long distance relationship and could share her experiences and tips.

She was unique, she didn’t have Facebook or other social media accounts. She preferred people to write to her if they wanted to contact her.

I felt that we grew very close and in another circumstance could have been life long friends.

When we came to say goodbye, true to form, she gave me her email address so I could write to her. The really strange bit was, the email address didn’t work and her phone number was a local sim so didn’t work back in her home country and I never spoke to her again. I’m fairly certain she didn’t give me a fake email. It got me wondering, did I just imagine her the whole time we travelled together?! Or, was she a secret celebrity back in her country? Perhaps, I will never know.