7 of the most ridiculous reasons to call in sick when you’re really abroad.

7 of the most ridiculous reasons to call in sick when you’re really abroad.

You know somebody who has pulled a long term sickie from work when they have booked a holiday, or failed to return to work when they were supposed to because they are STILL on holiday!!! Or maybe you have done this yourself?

I have decided to do some research, including speaking to office managers to find out some of the worst excuses given when a staff member has gone missing in action.

1. ‘My flight got delayed by 4 days and I had no battery on my phone to call you.’

2. ‘I contracted Malaria whilst in Ghana, Africa so I had to stay in hospital for 2 months. Here is my genuine sick certificate…’

3. ‘I’ve been in a witness protection programme.’

4. ‘My granny has died so I need some time off.’ (The same granny has died 3 times now).

5. ‘I’m addicted to crack cocaine and my dealer has been arrested so I need some time off to recover.’

6.’I’m… Erm…. In a Thai prison.’

7. ‘I missed my flight and can’t get on another one for 3 weeks!!’

If you’re planning on doing this, for the love of god come up with something more original.

Get Malaria Smart!

Get Malaria Smart!

After being so STUPID and travelling to rural Vietnam without taking any malaria medication and spending 6 hours last night in hospital being tested for malaria, I seriously recommend checking the following NHS website that the area you are travelling to is not high risk!  I am used to travelling to built up places where malaria is not prominent. However, last month I went off he beaten track in the countryside of rural Vietnam. (The trip was fab!) however, I have had fever, flu like symptoms amongst others over the past few days and got myself in a panic that I had malaria. Thank the Lord it wasn’t, but the doctor said I may have dengue fever. This cannot be vaccinated against and is usually self limiting so fingers crossed I will be better soon.