Believe in You.

Believe in You.

Who cares about a blog? Why does it matter if anyone reads it? What is the point in any of this?

My words are poor and my spelling is shoddy. My content is unoriginal and pointless. There is no niche.

These are all of my insecurities about writing my blog. If you write a blog, why are you doing it? What motivates you? Money? Success? Fame?

What motivates me? Honestly? To be accepted by society. To have a complete stranger read my words and be able to relate to it in some way.

I love writing my blog. We ALL have insecurities.

You are your own worst critic. Nobody else is judging you!!!

If somebody points out a spelling mistake, it is not to make you feel worse, it’s to make you DO better next time.

Be creative.

Be daring.

Be brave.

Be fun.

Be confident in your abilities.

Don’t worry about mistakes. If you are human, you will make them.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

Believe in yourself. Enjoy this.

Female cabin crew forced into overhead lockers, causing uproar

Female cabin crew forced into overhead lockers, causing uproar

Female cabin staff working for Kunming airlines (based in China) are forced to get into the overhead compartments by security after completing 50 hours of service as part of an ongoing ‘industry ritual’, airline officials have said.

The images of this event were uploaded to the app WeChat. Commenters were outraged and called this ritual, bullying.

The airline has confirmed the flights are grounded when this takes place and therefore passenger safety is not affected. They also stated that no staff member has ever filed a complaint. 

There are rumours that the staff have tried to complain but it gets ignored, however.