What is the deal with nudist beaches?!

What is the deal with nudist beaches?!

Now, I like to think I am open minded. I try not to judge people and embrace different cultures and beliefs.

But, what the hell is the deal with nudist beaches?! I’ve tried to understand it but to this day, I don’t get it. Yes, I understand the feeling of liberation and freedom from not being clothed 24/7, but can’t they just walk around their homes naked like the rest of us??

The first time I visited one in Menorca, Spain, I half expected it to be groups of hippies and alternative folk dancing around a ring of fire. In reality it was mostly balding, chubby, old men bathing in the sun with their (less than attractive) manhood flopping all over the sand. I couldn’t help but wonder, is the culture of nudist beaches in fact, just an opportunity for perverted men to flash themselves in a world where it is socially acceptable?!

I did some research. Did you know that there are over 200 nudist beaches in the world? There must be something about it that draws people in as there is clearly a market for it. Perhaps I just haven’t visited the really good ones!!!