ISIS isn’t us, is it everyone?!

In light of the tragic events in Paris and Lebanon yesterday, where innocent life has been taken again at the hands of Islamic State terrorists, we are all wondering what is the future of the world. It is becoming almost a daily occurance now and it is nothing but pure evil.

I’m sure I am not alone when I struggle to understand┬áthe logic of these heartless attacks. They seem to be focussing more and more on the totally innocent rather than political targets, which is clearly having more of a national impact on you and I. What is the purpose of blowing oneself up and killing many others in the process? I wonder if it is just an extension of severe mental health issues and there is now a cult luring these people in because western mental health support is so shabby.

One thing we all must remember, Islamic state terrorists is not Islam. Just because a majority of these terrorists claim to be carrying out these acts at the wish of ‘Allah’, the Quran does not promote taking innocent life. I had a Muslim mental health patient recently who had lost his mind and was tearing up the Quran in the streets and shouting how he had had enough of it all. The KKK were predominantly Christian, does this mean that all Christians are vile? ISIS is a bad, evil group of people who, for whatever reason are murdering people. They are brainwashing people to join them and attempt to destroy our world. We shouldn’t hate them, we should feel sorry for them.

It is affecting travel and tourism greatly. I have never been one to flee political unrest in another country, as I have sat with protesters in Thailand and stayed in a hotel that was blown up hours after I checked out, but if I’m completely honest, the acts of ISIS are making me uncomfortable to travel in the foreseeable future which is my whole life. Everybody is afraid.

It seems the world is dividing between the people who are afraid and want to close the borders to everybody entirely, and those who are more compassionate and forgiving and still want to trust and help those in need. It is clear which is the better way to think, morally. But, if we are all forgiving and compassionate, when does it end?

As long as good continues to outweigh the bad, we must hope that there will be an end to this soon and not allow them to win.

They may think they are evil geniuses trying to make a point, but there is one thing they haven’t considered. The more they attack, the more the rest of US are uniting together as it’s something the whole world have in common. I don’t suggest we should retaliate with violence, but the more we join together with support, the bigger the defence wall ISIS will have to deal with.