Weekly Travel Musing – 2

Q – what do you do if somebody steals your shoes / sandals / thongs if you are in a country where it is common practise to take them off when entering premises?

A – walk barefoot.

Book Review: Upgraded! How To Save Money And Fly In Luxury Using Avios Points– Are you one of the 99% who would love to fly Business Class but can’t afford it? This book is for you….

Book Review: Upgraded! How To Save Money And Fly In Luxury Using Avios Points– Are you one of the 99% who would love to fly Business Class but can’t afford it? This book is for you….

Avios Points

Despite having a very good knowledge of air miles schemes, I knew very little about Avios points when I picked up this book so I was intrigued to see what it had in store.

I often read blogs about how to snag free or cheap upgrades but in reality, most of them don’t work. I have tried every ‘trick in the book’ to get upgraded on flights and despite it working once or twice (mostly down to dumb luck), in reality an airline will not upgrade your seat for the simple reason that its clients who have handed over literally thousands of pounds to fly in Business / First class would not be very happy sitting next to someone who paid an economy fare… and Business class passengers are the last type of clientele they want to displease!

Without giving away too much of this book’s top secret tips, Avios appears to be the next best thing in snagging aviation discounts and from countless proven accounts, it actually works! The book talks you through in a step-by-step approach, all you need to know to gain Avios points to snatch discounted flights or upgrade your seat to a Premium cabin for a mere percentage of the going market rates.

The book explains – in some depth – exactly how and where to collect Avios points, and where to spend them and gives very honest accounts on what is beneficial to you, and what is not. It is very simple – if you commit yourself fully and put a little time and effort into the Avios scheme, you genuinely can fly for peanuts!

It is the first book I have seen of its kind which actually breaks down the travel ‘zones’ and how many points are required to fly to these destinations, in which cabin, and roughly the value of points to be collected in various places, including Tesco Clubcard points!! Who knew that?!

To summarise, if you fly with British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Air Malta, Flybe, Monarch, Air Auringy, Qatar or Finnair, for business or leisure travel, this book is an absolute must read for you if you want to save a lot of money and get cheaper flights, or if you want to see how the other half live and travel in luxury.

Having flown in Business / First class myself several times, I can say from experience that once you have experienced it, you will not want to fly Economy again. I have just set up my first Avios account already and you can do the same at https://www.avios.com/

To purchase your very own copy of this incredible book, ClickHere!

Happy Travels!

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Travel for free!!!!

Tips for making your money back when travelling: Travel for free!!!!

Believe in You.

Believe in You.

Who cares about a blog? Why does it matter if anyone reads it? What is the point in any of this?

My words are poor and my spelling is shoddy. My content is unoriginal and pointless. There is no niche.

These are all of my insecurities about writing my blog. If you write a blog, why are you doing it? What motivates you? Money? Success? Fame?

What motivates me? Honestly? To be accepted by society. To have a complete stranger read my words and be able to relate to it in some way.

I love writing my blog. We ALL have insecurities.

You are your own worst critic. Nobody else is judging you!!!

If somebody points out a spelling mistake, it is not to make you feel worse, it’s to make you DO better next time.

Be creative.

Be daring.

Be brave.

Be fun.

Be confident in your abilities.

Don’t worry about mistakes. If you are human, you will make them.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

Believe in yourself. Enjoy this.

Travel freely

Throw a pin / arrow / dart at a map. Wherever it lands, just go there…


Well Done to The Best City in the World 2015!!!

Well Done to The Best City in the World 2015!!!

Cuddle Your Globe

A big congratulations to the worlds best city 2015 after also winning last year, voted by tourists for Travel + Leisure magazine…. Kyoto in Japan. Japan is on most people’s top ten list of places to see during their lifetime, but what is so great about Kyoto that has topped the likes of New York City, Barcelona, Siem Reap, Cape Town and Dubai??

Could it be the wildly colourful gardens scattered all over the place with impossibly beautiful plants?

Could it be the artistic and quirky architecture and buildings this incredible city has to offer?

Or perhaps it could be the abundance of stunning Buddhist temples, shrines and palaces that scatter Kyoto that attract tourists to this vibrant city?

Kyoto once was the Capital city of Japan and the temples and gardens that remain today were once owned by aristocrats and emperors. Some you can actually explore today, although sadly…

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Houseboat Tour of the backwaters in Kerala, India

Houseboat Tour of the backwaters in Kerala, India

Somewhere around 2 hours North of Trivandrum on the west coast of India is a beautiful town called Alleppey. I took a train from Varkala where I was staying and went on a 2 day / 1 night houseboat excursion through the backwaters. The boat is private and you have 1 staff member and a chef and loads of outside lounging space to catch the sun. We opted for a room with a fan but you can pay more for a/c. The boat cruises around the stunning backwaters and rounds up the evening floating towards the sunset. It cost around £80 for the night and was fantastic – highly recommended!