Strangers and People are the Highlight of Travel

Strangers and People are the Highlight of Travel

Picture this – a world without people in it. Travelling to other countries without anybody to see or talk to. Sure there would still be art and beautiful beaches. But if there were either no people there, or everybody was the same, travel would simply be dull.

Culture or language would not exist without people. Some of my favourite experiences while travelling have only been brought to life because of the people that surrounded me, even if they were just…. strangers.

I love photographing strangers while I’m travelling. If I see people talking in a photograph, I imagine what they are talking about, or where they are walking to. Watching people celebrate festivals or even funerals in a different way than I have only known in my own, “normal” life, is magnificent.

Here are my favourite photographs of strangers that I have taken during my travels over the world.


I feel that photographing strangers is the best way to reflect on your travels and really discover the culture of the places you visit. You can learn so much from people you don’t know.

Ten Destinations for the Solo Female Traveller

Ten Destinations for the Solo Female Traveller

I have travelled solo on several occasions. It is different to travelling with companions because you connect more with your surroundings and the culture and really find yourself.

In developed or the western world, being female isn’t an issue. However, in some countries travelling alone as a woman can be a problem. I’ve lost count of the times locals asked me where my husband was when I was travelling alone. This doesn’t overly concern me but there are some destinations I would think twice about venturing to with just my backpack. 

I have compiled a list of the top ten destinations recommended for solo female travellers, based on culture, shock factor, variety, personal experience and recommendations. These are also fantastic destinations for chaps too!

1. Seattle


the spire, seattle

 In fact all of the west coast of America including San Francisco, LA and Vegas. Seattle is popular with solo travellers because of the many tourist attractions which include the infamous space needle, Pike Place market, Ballard lochs, the great wheel and the many, many beautiful parks. It’s a fabulous city nestled next to incredibly beautiful forests, parks and ferry boats to take in the views.
2. New York City 

chrystler building and manhattan skyline

New York, New York. What can I say? With Times Square, radio city hall, Madison square garden, shopping, theatres, sightseeing and architecture, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty, the city is your best friend when you are travelling there. You don’t need actual friends too.

3. Great Britan.


raglan castle, wales
With places like London, the New Forest, Cornwall, Wales, the Peak and Lake districts, Scotland and Ireland, you don’t need travel companions, just a lot of time to see it all. Castles and countryside, cities and lakes.. We are a lovely welcoming bunch over here anyway, come and say hi! 

4. Barcelona

view of Barcelona beach from spire restaurant

Barcelona is one of my favourite European cities and I would travel months here by myself in a heartbeat. It’s got everything anybody could want in a city; charm, culture, impossibly beautiful buildings, a stunning beach, great nightlife, history and museums and a huge selection of music and food options. 

5. Sri Lanka


sri lanka rice paddies
A friend of mine lived in Sri Lanka for many months, volunteering in a turtle sanctuary. She loved it, felt very safe and made heaps of friends. Sri Lanka is beautiful, has loads of gorgeous beaches and bustling towns and the people are very welcoming.

6. Thailand


thailand islands
Anyone who has been will know that Thailand is one of the friendliest and most welcoming countries in the world, not to mention luminous. It attracts backpackers from all over the world so you are sure to make friends to travel with. It’s vast landscape means much time can be spent city surfing or island hopping.

7. South America


rio carnival
This is very broad, I admit. But the countries recommended would be Peru (for Machu Picchu), Argentina and cross the border into Chile, Buenos Aires and Rio for the yearly famous carnival.

8. Bali


snorkelling in Bali
I had the most incredible experience of my life travelling Bali solo. It’s a magical place with beautiful people and indescribable landscapes. There is so much to see and do from white water rafting to cooking classes, riding a bike through Ubud, visiting markets or surfing.

9. Australia

sydney harbour bridge at sunset

Many Brits head over to Oz on a working visa and never return home. I can’t imagine why, with all of that sunshine, beer and beaches on offer.

10. New Zealand

tunnel beach, New Zealand

National parks, waterfalls, movie sets. It’s one of the most ‘liveable’ places in the world and attracts backpackers worldwide.

Malta and Gozo – the good, the bad and the ugly

Malta and Gozo – the good, the bad and the ugly

I was fortunate enough to be sent on an educational visit from the Malta Tourist board some time ago.

It is quite an outstanding country with a brilliant history and many, many tourist attractions to excite the most discerning of travellers.

We will start with the good;

History. (very interesting but if history bores you then skip this bit)

The history of Malta dates back to the start of civilisation and is very intricate. It seems Malta was the object of desire for many countries and has been invaded and ruled by many. Malta had a Neolithic period and the remains of temples, dedicated to the goddess of fertility can be found today. Traces of the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Byzantines can also be found. Christianity was brought to Malta in 60AD when st.Paul’s boat was shipwrecked there. Some 800 years later, Malta was invaded by the Arabs who injected an influence of their language on the Maltese. It then joined Sicily and was also ruled by the Normans and the Aragonese among others. The Knights ruled over Malta from 1530 to 1798 and then the French had just two years to reign. This was not welcomed by the Maltese who actually requested the British to assist them and the Brits ruled Malta from 1800 until 1964. At this point, Malta finally gained independence. Ten years later, Malta became a republic and finally joined the EU in 2004.

Azure Window


This stunning natural landmark is probably the most photographed place in the Maltese islands. It is a natural limestone archway and is on the island of Gozo (I will discuss this more later).

The Beaches

I wouldn’t say that Malta is a beach paradise as there aren’t many at all, but they prove its not quantity, it’s quality!


Malta is about as far south as you can get in Europe and nestled in the Mediterranean. They have long summers with a good chance of a scorcher from May until September and the winter months are usually a nice milder temperature.

The Medina

The historical fort remains pretty much untouched and offers breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside.



Valletta is the capital of Malta and is insanely beautiful. They say it was built by gentlemen, for the gentlemen. Personally I think it is more beautiful, as if it’s had a woman’s touch. It can be quite touristy and is very vibrant. There are often events and festivals going on here.
Film Sets

Malta, for obvious reasons, is the setting for many films, most of the sets you can visit today. The most well known films shot on the islands of Malta include Gladiator, Troy, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Popeye (the Popeye village is a popular tourist attraction for families) and loads more.

The Beautiful Sea

The sea in Malta is famous for being so clear. This attracts divers from all over the world as there are some sublime dive spots for beginners or advanced. If you’re not a fan of diving you can head out on an amazing boat trip through the azure window, the caves and the famous blue lagoon which is water that is inexplainably, bright blue.

Chill Out Towns


If you hire a car, you can drive around and stop in almost any town for lunch and expect a view like this.

The Ferry

There is a public ferry service that operates regularly between Malta and Gozo and is very cheap.


Malta is a popular wedding destination. The country embraces foreign weddings and it is far more simple than other countries to arrange, not to mention the incredible photo opportunities that are available 360.

The size

Malta is not huge, yet the vast amount of countryside, filled with towns and tourist attraction makes it feel so. You can easily drive the entire circumference of Malta in less than a day.

Now let’s roll onto the bad;



‘The pub’ is the famous spot where actor Oliver Reed died whilst having a beer filled break from filming Gladiator. Theories state he died from a heart attack. My sources in Malta told me that the real reason that Oliver Reed died was that he had ‘one too many’, fell backwards off his bar stool and hit his head, causing death. It is still a popular tourist attraction but in my opinion, a tragic loss.

The ugly…;



Literally, the only negative thing I can stay about this magnificent country is that Malta can be too beige. The buildings (despite being beautifully designed), the roads… Everything is beige and dusty. But even this has a silver lining. If you hop over to Gozo, it is a lot greener and prettier there.


It is a destination I would recommend to almost anybody and somewhere I would definitely return to.

To find out more, please visit

Thanks for reading my blog peeps.

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Question Hour

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9 ways to spend the perfect ‘cannabis free’ weekend in Amsterdam

9 ways to spend the perfect ‘cannabis free’ weekend in Amsterdam

Most people think Amsterdam is only good for smoking cannabis legally and heading to the red light district. But what if you don’t like smoking weed or hiring prostitutes?

I like neither of these things and had a fabulous time in Amsterdam. There is so much character and beauty in this charming city. Here’s how to spend the perfect weekend in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank Museum:-

The house where the Jewish girl hid during the Second World War. It’s amazing and a must see. It is recommended to book tickets at least a month in advance as it is very popular!

Boat tour:-

This is a must do. The boat trips are reasonably priced, take around 1.5 hours and you see and appreciate so much more of the place drifting through the canals.

Walk around:-

You must spend at least half a day wandering the streets. You will be amazed by how much exciting and great stuff there is to be seen!

Sex museum:-

It is cheap to get in, around 3 euros, and very eye opening! It is mostly photographs of sex from different eras – good fun!

Bar hopping:-

The nightlife is fantastic! Loads of beautiful bars and wine is really reasonable at around 3 euros a glass. There are loads of sports bars and live music venues – something for everyone.

Eat a pancake:-

You don’t have to have a smoke and a pancake, you can just get a pancake! Amsterdam knows exactly how to do them.

Spot graffiti:-

Personally, I think graffiti is art. If you look closely around the back streets of Amsterdam, you might just find many pieces like this, taken during the canal boat tour.

Hire a bike:-

This is the cliche obvious! It’s either hire a bike or spend the whole trip trying not to get run over by one!

Buy lots of cheese:-

Dutch cheese is by far the best in the world. Go to a cheese shop and purchase some of the round goats cheese in various flavours. You will pay over 10 euros each but I’m considering buying a flight just to get some more, it’s definitely worth it!

There is so much more to do as well, it’s not all partying, sex and drugs! If you like that stuff then that’s great, but there is so much more to offer in this quaint and quirky world.

Well Done to The Best City in the World 2015!!!

Well Done to The Best City in the World 2015!!!

Cuddle Your Globe

A big congratulations to the worlds best city 2015 after also winning last year, voted by tourists for Travel + Leisure magazine…. Kyoto in Japan. Japan is on most people’s top ten list of places to see during their lifetime, but what is so great about Kyoto that has topped the likes of New York City, Barcelona, Siem Reap, Cape Town and Dubai??

Could it be the wildly colourful gardens scattered all over the place with impossibly beautiful plants?

Could it be the artistic and quirky architecture and buildings this incredible city has to offer?

Or perhaps it could be the abundance of stunning Buddhist temples, shrines and palaces that scatter Kyoto that attract tourists to this vibrant city?

Kyoto once was the Capital city of Japan and the temples and gardens that remain today were once owned by aristocrats and emperors. Some you can actually explore today, although sadly…

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Nguyen Shack – Ninh Binh, a magical eco lodge in North Vietnam

Source: Nguyen Shack – Ninh Binh, a magical eco lodge in North Vietnam

I definitely highly recommend this little gem to anyone travelling through Vietnam. It is unlike anywhere I have ever stayed in the world. I didn’t want to leave!

Nguyen Shack – Ninh Binh, a magical eco lodge in North Vietnam

Nguyen Shack – Ninh Binh

Did you ever watch the film The Beach with Leonardo dicaprio and think ‘I wonder what it would be like to live in a secluded community in tropical paradise and live like a local?’ This is a wild retreat that offers you this sense of being (minus a beach!)

The setting is far more beautiful than that of any beach I have seen. It is tucked away inside a bustle of jagged cliffs, positioned on top of a lake filled with creaking grasshoppers, bouncing lillypads, adorable slimy frogs and the most giant snail I have ever seen, giving you a complete sense of privacy and isolation, in a good way. The path leading to the property often gets a little flooded which only adds to the adventure and hilarity of trying to get in and out. Once inside the gate you are greeted by a lovely little pig called Bacon. The restaurant / bar area is large and offers tables and chairs as well as relaxing recliner wooden chairs overlooking the plant and bird filled lake. The travellers tend to gather in here in the evenings for food, drink and company. The huts are dotted along a bamboo path lining the edge of the cliff and the furthest one is about a 5 minute walk- be warned! All of the waterfront bungalows have a private bathroom, several hammocks and an open front directly over the lake, the wifi is sketchy outside of the bar area.

image image image image

It is run by locals who also have a school attached so visitors can help to teach the local children English in the evenings. They are so enthusiastic and sweet! The staff were warm and friendly, very down to earth and would happily have a drink with you in the evening and give you tips on things to do in and around the area.

image image image image

Onsite you can relax in a hammock on your terrace, chat with the staff, venture into the onsite caves or meet fellow travellers in the bar area.

A 5 minute walk away is the Lying Dragon Mountain which is a 463 step climb to a shrine at the top of a stunning cliff offering indescribable views over the area. Try to head up there around 4pm as the sun starts to set and this adds to the beauty and outlines the top of the mountains.

image image image image image

Within 10km there are several pagodas also worth a visit as they are stunning and two boat tours. Personally I recommend taking a free bike from reception and cycling through to Tam Coc (5km away) for a boat tour. On the way you cycle through rice paddys and local villages where there is a school and the locals smile and wave as you pass through. The boat tour is magnificent, the cliff formations and the lake is out of this world. The round trip is around 1.5 hours and is less touristy than Halong Bay and a far more intimate experience. You can leave your bicycles here free of charge. Afterwards you can cycle a further 1.5km to the bich dong pagoda which is also very beautiful. Cycling the area is easy as the roads are mostly flat. Having this combined with such tall mountains everywhere offers an unusual terrain.

image image image image image image

The lodge also offer a private tour of the village including visiting a nearby tofu factory and a clothes making factory. Personally I did not have time to take this tour on my 2 night trip but I have heard nothing but good things about it.

I understand the owners also have a property in Can Tho in the Mekong delta which is now on my list for my next trip to Vietnam.

During our stay we had a minor emergency and the staff were more than helpful in assisting us – I can understand why this place has won awards. I left here feeling that I had achieved so much – climbing steps, cycling through REAL Vietnam, eating home cooked food and sleeping in a bamboo hut during the most crazy lightning and thunderstorm of my life – this place is a real wild adventure. I would definitely return here and recommend others to do the same.

Ninh Binh is technically a suberb of Hanoi (despite being 90km away). Our visit here was towards the end of the trip, whenever a local heard we were visiting here they would glow and smile, I now understand why. The main attraction here is that it is far less touristy than anywhere else I visited in Vietnam, not to mention that I was completely blown away by its surreal beauty. There are plenty of hotels to chose from with cemented walls and double glazed windows for those who are a little more faint hearted. Personally, I think I sit on the fence between luxury and backpacker hotels and I found that the Nguyen Shack hotel really pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was the most exciting part of my trip to Vietnam and I definitely recommend it to those who are a little more adventurous.


Nguyen Shack Survival Guide (Things I recommend taking for your stay there)

  • Sensible footwear for climbing potentially wet steps
  • More footwear for walking through deep puddles
  • Plastic / carrier bags for putting said muddy footwear in
  • Good flip flops to keep dry for dinner after showering vat of mud off of yourself
  • A torch (the caves are fairly well lit but sometimes lose power)
  • PLENTY of mosquito spray, it’s a hot country, by a lake…!
  • DONT bring unsealed sweets unless you would like furry friends inside your room at night, they will chew through anything!


Be safe and have fun!